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Intermediate-Advanced Raqs Sharqi

Mixed-Level Raqs Sharqi

Ongoing classes! Wednesdays, 7:30 to 8:30 pm at

Levity Loft on Olympia's beautiful downtown waterfront

Join me for further explorations of Raqs Sharqi and other folkloric dances of the Arabic world! 


Warm Ups - We'll warm up with a follow-along, improvised dance to get our bodies going. Then we'll stretch. I'll likely throw in other folkloric MENAT (Middle East, North African, Turkish) dances during warm ups! It'll be fun! I'll probably share nerdy facts along the way! 

What We'll Do - Push our dance skills further via drills, combinations and cultural/historical studies. There's SOOOO much to do! We'll listen and dance to both classical and contemporary Arabic music. We'll cover both classical and contemporary movement styles. We may shift through master studies of various Egyptian/Arabic bellydance legends. We may shift through various props/specializations used such as veil, cane, sword, zills, tray, floorwork etc. And I'm always open to hearing about what students are interested in focusing on. We'll shift our focus every month. 

All classes offered in person and online.

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**Venmo, Cash & check also accepted. Message me for details.

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