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We are beyond thrilled to be able to offer you an Iraqi dance pop-up workshop with Mohanned Hawaz of Mosul, Iraq!! In the world of MENAT dance, there are only a few dancers of origin teaching Iraqi dance styles. DO NOT miss this very rare opportunity to study, live, with the amazing Mohanned Hawaz!

2022 Workshop 1 - Kawliya/Hachaa - 3 to 5 pm

The Hachaa is a style of dance that is popular with the Iraqi Domari, locally known as Kawliya or Ghajar, and later identified on Iraqi television as Banat El Reef. It is a style that is exclusive to Iraq. The Hachaa is danced to a distinct rhythm and sound that is recognized by all Iraqis. Modern day “kawilya” is a fusion of various dance and music styles from across Iraq includes Khashaba and Chobi, amongst others.

Location: Pitch & Roll Studios, 5300 4th Ave S Seattle, 98108
Studio doors open: 2:30pm

Both workshops: $120

Individual workshops: $65

Both workshops at the door: $150

One workshop, at the door: $75

Venmo: @lara-ramsey-8

Brought to you by Lara, Gayle & Anyelle

**Note: We'll be masking up for this event

2022 Workshop 2 - Al- Khashaba - 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Al- Khashaba is a style of song and dance that is exclusive to the city of Al-Basra in southern Iraq. Musically, it consists of an orchestra made up of a range of percussionists with the Khishba and kasoor being focal instruments along with an Oud providing melody. The dance is traditionally performed by men only however, both the dance and its vocabulary are now regularly performed by women also.

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Both Workshops

Kawliya Workshop

Al Khashaba Workshop


About Mohanned Hawaz

Mohanned Hawaz has an impressive, award-winning background in dance and theatre in both modern/contemporary styles and Iraqi dance. He is a sought-after dance instructor and choreographer in the international Middle Eastern dance community for his unmatched abilities in the dance arts of Iraq.


A native of Mosul, Iraq, Mohanned Hawaz began performing in local festivals at age seven. At age 15, he joined Mosul’s Iraqi Arists Union of Nineveh, where he started formal training in dance, costuming and stage makeup. He next transferred to The Iraqi National Troupe of Folkloric Arts and trained with renowned troupe founders Hannah Abdullah, Fouad Thanoon and Adel Al-Aabi. As part of his training in Iraqi folkloric dances and customs, Mohanned spent six months traveling across Iraq. This field training was crucial to his qualifying studies to become a professional dancer.


In 2006, Mohanned traveled to Cairo, Egypt, to study with renowned choreographer, Waleed Awni. Mohanned’s next career move took him to Sweden where he continued his dance training and founded Enkidu dance troupe. Enkidu is the first dance company to have brought Iraqi dance to the national stage in Sweden. They have traveled the world, presenting Iraqi dance in thirty different countries and winning numerous awards along the way.

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