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Mixed-Level Classes

Intermediate/Advanced Raqs Sharqi Drills

Wednesdays 7 pm pst ~ online only

Sundays 2pm pst ~ in person & via Zoom

Classes begin with warmups and drills. Next we get things going with new sha'abi or mahragan moves. Then we move into specialized combinations and technique. We wrap up with a bit of rhythm and zills. Finally, we cool down with a solid session of stretches. Students love the cultural context and scaffolded levels of challenge I bring to these classes. Join us in downtown Olympia, WA, USA or via Zoom!


$15 = Drop-in Pricing

$50 = Month Class Pass 

$75 = Raqs Sharqi + Raqs Kawleeya Month Class Pass

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Additional Offerings -  RakasaFit ~ Dancing for Birth ~ Prenatal Bellydance ~ Performance Troupe.

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Iraqi Kawleeya Drills!: Join me every Sunday, from 1:30 to 2pm pst! We'll warm up, do a few neck and back strengthening activities, then move into Kawleeya drills. I'll share tips, culture and context when I can. I'll layer movements you can drill at whatever level you choose, basic to intermediate. Short cool down at the end of our time together.

$10 = Drop-In Pricing

$32 = Monthly class pass

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Beginning Bellydance: Join my free beginning bellydance membership, Al Asal. You'll have access to a handful of tutorials to get you started and to keep you busy until classes start up! Once you sign up, you'll be added to my monthly newsletter so you can be sure to receive notification of when the next live and online beginning bellydance class begins!

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