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Lara Victoria Dance

Instruction & Entertainment

Egyptian Raqs Sharqi

American Cabaret Bellydance

Iraqi Kawleeya

and more!  

"Taking your veil class, I learned that you can use your veils to connect, sensuality and lyricism, to create an intense emotional connection, rather than use them as a prop and a distraction. I thank you!"

                ~ Lauren

                    Colleague, Teacher & Student

"I am a native Arab professional woman.

Lara impresses me with her complete essence capturing of each style of the Middle Eastern dance. I don't feel she is a foreigner to the dance...


She is very professional and respectful. I invited her to do some educational performances for my work colleagues last year. Till date they are still talking about it. Thanks a lot, Lara. And thank you for being there for the dance."

                                  ~ Ban

Can't wait to connect!

"Learning under Lara Victoria has been extremely helpful in my performance life. In addition to foundational Bellydance, I also learned important (but often overlooked) concepts such as musicality, expression, and choreography. Lara Victoria knows her stuff! An OG performer in the Northwest she has been both performing and teaching for years. I deeply appreciated Lara’s focus on the cultural roots of the dances she teaches as well".

                ~ Dulce, Student

Classes & Workshops

What's your next dance move?!

Classes At a Glance

- Raqs Kawleeya Drills

- Online & In Person!!

Golden Era Nagwa Fouad Combination

 Workshop Options

 Baladi Progression

 Creating Choreography

 Fan Veil

 Fancy Feet, Traveling & Transitions

 Floorwork ~ Dance Improvisation


 Khaliji ~ Elegant Arms

 Golden Era Sampler

 Poetics of Performance

 Saidi ~ Sha'abi

 Stage Presence ~ Sword ~ Taqsim

 Vision In A Veil

Lara is exquisite with her veil work -- this is why I reached out to her. Then, I learned how organized and knowledgeable she is. I love how she researches the past great bellydancers and then teaches us some of their moves. She is very good at connecting the fascinating past history of bellydance to the present. Lara developed a wonderful choreography for me that I used in an online performance in 2020. She was very helpful in mapping out the music and in helping me understand how to interpret the music in my dancing.  ~ Genevieve, Student

2018 Gathering of Goddesses Oly WA.jpg
Mirabai Bellydancer at Tacoma Event

Teaching Philosophy & Pledge

Inspired by Donna Mejia

My pledge to the dances I teach and perform, to the cultures from which they originate, and to the dancers on whose shoulders I stand. 

I promise to: 

  • seek and support dancers and teachers of origin on my own dance journey;

  • consistently guide students toward teachers and studies of origin;

  • deliver dance teachings in context of culture and origin;

  • follow best practices in teaching and dance to the best of my ability;

  • remain open to growth, remain vigilant for possibility of error on my part, make corrections and do a better job.

To the students who honor me with their time, I promise to:

  • be present, available, kind, true and helpful to each unique individual;

  • facilitate a safe-zone dance community of inclusivity for all;

  • guide your development as a MENAT dancer;

  • help you get and stay grounded in the roots of the dance, and to include contemporary trends.

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